The Seychelle Islands sit alone in the vast Indian Ocean and are the continental fragments of the super-continent that produced the Americas, Africa, Australia, Antarctica and India. As if by some ironical metaphor, it is in these unique, Edenesque remnants of what was that we find a microcosm of our own continental problems. The Seychellois are faced with tough choices concerning development versus conservation, capitalism versus regulation, and a western style of life versus their own. And smack in the middle of all those decisions, all those forces, is Brendon Grimshaw, an 82-year-old man from Dewsbury, England.
Brendon Grimshaw was a successful newspaper editor who decided to buy an island… Not so that he could brag to his rich friends about his home away from home, but because he loved nature and was ready to try something different. So at the ripe age of 49, when most mortals are thinking retirement,
THE MAN - Brendon Grimshaw
But the future of Moyenne Island was uncertain, as development plans for private resorts worth hundreds of millions of dollars surround him on neighboring islands. Brendon was offered 45 million dollars for his island only a few years ago, but said no. His only dying wish is that Moyenne Island become a national park for the people to enjoy, not just millionaires on vacation. We made A Grain of Sand with this objective in mind and in the summer of 2008, with the finished Documentary in hand, we visited and spoke to  certain Seychelles government officials about the possibility of Moyenne Island becoming a national park. This is what happened!!!The_Documentary.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
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Brendon Grimshaw’s autobiography was published in 1996. In it, Brendon takes a warm look back on his life in order to find the answers that led him to Moyenne and to tell of the adventures he lived once he found his island. The best way to purchase the book is to visit Moyenne Island, where Brendon will sell you a new copy himself. Or, used copies may be found on-line both            and            on
A Grain of Sand - The Story of One Man and an Island
by Brendon Grimshaw
Moyenne Island Foundation
founded in 1998
The Moyenne Island Foundation was founded in 1998 as an attempt to secure the future of Brendon’s island as a nature reserve or protected area in the eventuality of Brendon’s death. It’s function will be to manage the island under a series of strict guidelines that prohibit the transformation of the island into a hotel destination.


Brendon Grimshaw

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he trades in the drive to work, the office, the responsibility, and the success, for a primitive life of uncertainty on Moyenne Island, which he purchased in 1964 for $20,000. He moved to the island in 1973 and has lived on it ever since. But the amazing part of the story isn’t the Robinson Crusoe headline. Beneath that bold print is the tale of a man who has unknowingly become a symbol for something far greater, far more relevant. Since his arrival on the island, he has completely restored the island’s habitat, planting over 16,000 trees, palms and shrubs. He has also brought and bred 109 free-roaming giant tortoises and over 2000 wild birds. His island now holds more than two thirds of all endemic plants
to the Seychelles and has become a symbol of conservation.
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